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4 Types of Martial Arts Trainings

There is a variety of numbers of martial arts training and below are explained some of the most popular styles.



Judo is a Japanese martial art created in 1882. It is a relatively modern martial art, and its aim is to throw the opponent on the ground and immobilize them. Strikes by feet and hands or weapons are not allowed in free practice or competitions. There are three basic techniques in judo: throwing, grappling and striking techniques.



Karate is also a Japanese martial art developed in Okinawa. Karate mainly focuses on hand strikes and not on kicking techniques. Its main striking techniques are knee and elbow strikes, punching, and open-handed techniques. Traditional karate focuses on self-development whereas sports karate focuses on competition and exercise.


Kung Fu

Kung Fu is some fighting styles which originate from China. There is a variety of styles which incorporate physical exercises, and others are stimulated by religions and legends. It consists of several components: basics, forms, weapons, and applications. The original meaning of kung fu denotes person's expertise in any skill, not just martial arts.



Capoeira is a martial art which originates from Brazil. It combines dance, acrobatics, and music and includes a wide range of techniques, spins and kicks. The defense in capoeira is focused on avoiding an attack using a variety of movements. Blocking the attack is allowed only in a situation where it cannot be avoided.

Benefits of Learning and Practicing Martial Arts

Contrary to common opinion, learning and training martial arts does not make a person aggressive. There are some physical and mental benefits of learning martial arts. It is an excellent way to fight stress, boost your self-confidence and energy levels, improve your heart health and condition.


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