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Get In Touch With Your Body and Mind

When I first started thinking about writing this type of blog, the first idea that came to my mind was the chance to introduce martial arts to a wider audience. A great number of people in the world don't understand self-defense. A lot of them show interest in and take up martial arts for the sole purpose of showing off and representing themselves as dangerous. I wanted to draw people's attention to the importance and significance to learning and practicing martial arts and to show them that the most effective weapon they have is their body.

After many years of training and practicing, my aim was to show people the benefits of training their whole body and mind. Learning to overcome adversity, getting in touch with yourself and your limits, making new friends, courage, and leadership are some of many more benefits of training in martial arts. I hope this blog puts a wider perspective on martial arts as an activity that offers other amazing benefits other than self-defense.


My name is Anna Boswell and I am 35 years old. I began training in Martial Arts since the age of 5 and earned my 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 10. Training in martial arts helped me not only physically but it also developed my character as well and shaped my life in the best possible way.

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